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FTTH Council Europe welcomes new UK broadband initiative ahead of Stockholm conference

Ahead of its conference in Stockholm, the FTTH Council Europe has welcomed the UK government's latest efforts to develop a comprehensive next-generation broadband strategy.

Following the release of terms of reference for Britain's "Digital Communication Infrastructure Strategy", FTTH Council Europe president Karin Ahl noted the appropriate timing of document, which was made public as the EU pushes ahead with budget planning for 2014-2020.

"The governments of member states have the responsibility to implement future-proof broadband plans on a national level. In this context it is key for the British government to take a leading role, to have a clear vision and develop a long term strategy for future-proof broadband deployment," Ahl commented.

She added that national level rollout of high-speed digital networks would offer a wide range of benefits, not only for businesses but key public sector services as well.

"If the UK government takes a closer look at the opportunities that FTTH creates in a wide range of public services such as eHealth, eCare for elderly and chronically sick people, eGovernment, eEducation, they will realise that fibre access is the best choice."

Ahn continued: "The FTTH Council Europe believes that public funds should only be invested in future-proof infrastructure. It is a waste of taxpayers money to spend it on short- and mid-term upgrades of existing networks, which results in an expensive multi-cycle upgrade path."

The FTTH Council Europe conference takes place in Stockholm, Sweden from 18-20 February.

The full terms of reference for the UK government's "Digital Communications Infrastructure Strategy" can be found on the Department of Culture, Media and Sport website.