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Google doodle lets you send virtual chocolates for Valentine’s Day

It probably hasn’t escaped your attention that it’s Valentine’s Day, and as a result, Google has produced one of its expected doodles to celebrate the occasion.

This one is an interactive affair, and it lets the user put together a small box of virtual chocolates for their significant other.

From the Google search home page, if you click the big heart that’s adorned with a play button in the middle of the doodle, you’ll be presented with a chopping board full of various ingredients. You can then select which goodies go into your three virtual choccies.

You can mix a type of chocolate – dark, milk or white – with a central ingredient, such as a cherry, raspberry, strawberry, or fudge, along with a topping which can be walnuts, almonds, or what appears to be hundreds and thousands (we think).

Google has gone a bit tongue-and-cheek here though (the rascally wags), as they’ve included a couple of interesting additional ingredients for the perhaps not-so-loved-one in your life – namely an ant and a salt shaker.

The fact that it’s possible to produce a box full of salty white chocolate ants does make us wonder about one of the other ingredients – the supposed hundreds and thousands actually look more like small pills to us, so maybe they’re laxatives? Or would that be going too far…

Anyhow, having composed your box of treats (or tricks – wait a minute, Google could recycle this doodle come the autumn), you can then send off a link to your gift to your loved one, and they can explore the contents of your chocs and marvel at your Heston Blumenthal-like creativity. Or you can share directly via social networks (Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ of course), should you wish.

Don't expect that this will get you off the hook for forgetting to buy a real Valentine's Day gift, though (you could check out our Valentine's gift suggestions for him, and for her, if you like, but you're probably running a little late now).