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Nokia Lumia 1320 phablet will go on sale 24 February in the UK

Nokia has announced the availability of the Lumia 1320 phablet in the UK, with the smartphone set to go on sale 24 February.

You’ll be able to buy the handset from EE, Virgin Mobile and Carphone Warehouse, as well as other online retailers.

The Lumia 1320 will come with a 6in 1280 x 720 resolution display fashioned from Gorilla Glass 3, and it’ll be driven by a 1.7GHz dual-core Snapdragon 400 CPU. The screen is apparently “supersensitive” meaning that you can use it wearing gloves (and not that it will turn itself off in a huff if you shout at it).

There will also be twin cameras on board with a front-facing VGA camera, and a 5-megapixel rear snapper with auto-focus and flash. 4G LTE will be supported, too.

Nokia’s phablet will have 1GB of RAM, and a rather disappointing 8GB of storage – considering you’ll have less than 8GB after the OS and other preloaded apps are accounted for. Those apps include Here Maps, Nokia MixRadio, Nokia Camera and Nokia Storyteller.

The upside is that microSD support is included so you can expand that storage space by up to 64GB.

The spec is decidedly average, but the appeal here should be the price, as this is expected to be a wallet-friendly phablet, hence the lack of top-end components. However, the exact UK price tag hasn’t yet been confirmed. Fingers crossed it pitches in nice and low.

Conor Pierce, VP of Nokia in the UK & Ireland, commented: “We are building on the continued success of the Lumia range by looking to offer the latest Windows Phone in a large-screen smartphone format at a highly competitive price.”

“Consumers and particularly businesses will love its large screen, warm industrial design and the richer imaging experience it is able to deliver. The Nokia Lumia 1320 brings a cost effective addition to our large screen Windows Phone portfolio.”

You can read our first hands-on impressions of the Lumia 1320 here.

Windows Phone is apparently making some headway now, as we reported yesterday, and the 1320 seems like another nice string to add to the Lumia bow, mighty Gods of the price tag willing.

That said, Microsoft and Nokia are currently exploring other mobile options, and are seemingly all set to try a new tack at MWC with an Android handset.