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Tech News Weekly podcast 5: Twitter's prospects, the latest Samsung Galaxy S5 rumours, and the dangers of selling your phone

If you're prepping your wallet to shell out for a shiny new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone, you may want to listen to the latest ITProPortal Tech News Weekly podcast. Not only do we run through the latest rumours of Samsung's upcoming flagship handset, but we've been learning how getting rid of your old phone may open yourself up to a whole host of cyber criminals, even if you think you've deleted all your data.

The panel this week joining Wayne Scott is James Laird, Paul Cooper, Alysia Judge and Aatif Sulleyman.

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First up, James Laird dissects just what the appointment of Satya Nadella as CEO of Microsoft will mean for the sprawling electronics empire. What will change? Will there be a reinvigorated focus on the enterprise market, spinning off the Xbox franchise into its own business unit? Will its hardware experiments come to an end? No one knows, but that doesn't stop us speculating.

Paul Cooper then wades in with a warning to anyone looking to sell their old phone. Whilst you may think that you've deleted all your personal data, analysts working with a Channel 4 investigation have discovered that criminals can recover SMS messages, browsing history and even personal log in details from second-hand phones.

Meanwhile, Alysia Judge has been following the ups and downs of Twitter after its revolutionary flotation on the New York Stock Exchange last November. Its first financial results of the year have disappointed investors, sending shares plummeting as the social media giant posted losses of $645 million (£396 million) - which is not exactly pocket change. Still, is it all doom and gloom? Are we unfairly judging it by Facebook's standard? What's Twitter planning to do in the future?

Aatif Sulleyman rounds things up with a look at the new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone. In a few weeks Aatif will be escaping the floods and jetting off to exotic Barcelona for MWC, where he's received an invitation for an event titled "Unpacked5: Samsung Unpacked 2014 Episode 1". It's here that the Korean electronics giant is rumoured to pull the cloak on its new flagship handset, and in this week's podcast Aatif runs through everything he's expecting and more.

Finally the team debate the news that Apple has removed the beloved Bitcoin exchange app, Blockchain, from its App store. What does this mean for the future of the electronic currency? Is Apple prepping its own type of money to rival it? Apple is keeping shctum on its motives, which only makes the move even more suspicious...

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