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German O2 website teases Samsung Galaxy S5 launch, stirs waterproof speculation

The German arm of the O2 network has posted a teaser for the Galaxy S5 declaring an end of February reveal for the much-anticipated handset, with some also believing it's a hint that the phone could be waterproof.

The web page, which is in German of course, doesn’t actually mention the Galaxy S5 in the page text itself – but (as NDTV Gadgets spotted) the link and title of the page clearly states: “Samsung Galaxy S5.”

And the headline “Anticipate High 5” clearly refers to the Unpacked 5 event, the expected unveiling of the Galaxy S5 at MWC next week.

The key piece of text, though, is written in the red circle in the middle of the page, which translates (roughly using Google Translate): “Find out more at the end of February.”

The web page also offers German customers interested in bagging an S5 the chance to register to be notified of developments regarding its availability.

As we’ve previously reported, we’re all but certain of an MWC unveiling of the handset next week, and we’ve also discussed the probable date of availability being March. The fact that this O2 teaser has been put in place this early would seem to back up that March date, rather than any further down the road.

What’s also interesting is that the smartphone shown on O2’s S5 page is immersed in water – so could the Galaxy S5 be waterproof, as NDTV Gadgets mulls? It seems highly unlikely that we wouldn’t have heard about this in the many rumours which have spilled out in the last couple of months, though.

More likely the water-splash image has simply been used to obscure the handset as a vague black shape, as obviously O2 couldn’t post an actual pic of the device (plus O2 uses such water-bubble-type images across its sites, anyway).

Speaking of S5 rumours, if you want to peruse all the speculation to date, we’ve got a roundup of all the juicy gossip right here.