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Microsoft unleashes Xbox One February firmware update

The big February Xbox One firmware update has finally been rolled out, following its delay last week.

The target release date was actually 11 February – a week ago today – but Microsoft announced that it would be delayed as we reported last Wednesday, though it was expected to arrive later in the week.

Which it didn’t of course, but the good news is that Fudzilla reports that the “Xbox One February Update” (as it’s cleverly named) has finally been unleashed.

This version brings a number of new features with it, including support for USB keyboards, a battery life indicator, improved storage space management, better Blu-ray quality, along with tweaks to the Kinect’s voice recognition.

There are lots of goodies here, but one unexpected element is that the console’s sharpening filter – which was accused of being too aggressive in its image manipulation – has been stripped away.

Reports suggest that picture quality has improved as a result, which is obviously a welcome bonus for Xbox One owners – although don’t expect any massive leaps in visual prowess. The truth is that all Redmond has done is remove a feature that evidently shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

The next Xbox One update is due for 4 March, and it will make improvements to the multiplayer functionality. This one is designed to smooth things over before the big online mech shooter Titanfall launches on 14 March, so tardiness isn’t an option with this second update.