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Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor “confirmed” according to report

The big Galaxy S5 launch event – Unpacked 5 – is less than a week away now, and the rumours are flowing thick and fast, naturally enough.

There’s long been talk of the S5 having some form of biometric sensor, to keep up with the iPhone of course, and that this could be a retina scanner or fingerprint sensor. And according to the latest from the rumour mill, the latter has been confirmed.

Sammobile’s inside sources have said that the Galaxy S5 will definitely have fingerprint tech on board, but noted that the recent buzz about the fingerprint sensor being built into the display is incorrect.

In fact, the sensor will be situated in the Home button, just as it is with the iPhone 5S, funnily enough (is that the furious tapping of a Cupertino lawyer’s keyboard we hear in the distance)?

Apparently the sensor will function using a swipe of the full fingertip, and will display your fingerprint on-screen as you swipe. However, you’ll have to keep your fingertip flat and not swipe across the Home button too quickly, Sammobile’s sources note – otherwise you’ll get an error.

The description given sounds a tad fiddly to us, and let’s hope Samsung hasn’t made a misstep here – there’s no point implementing a “cool” new feature if it only serves to irritate users with error messages.

Samsung is reportedly not just using the fingerprint sensor for unlocking, as you’ll be able to register eight fingerprints, seven of which can be tied to other functions (one has to be reserved for unlocking the phone).

There will also be privacy features tied to the sensor, enabling the user to keep certain apps or content hidden inside a secure folder which is only revealed via a fingerprint swipe.

This report certainly goes into a lot of detail, but it is of course still just a rumour, and we’ll have to wait for the MWC launch next week for real confirmation. It does seem likely that the S5 will boast fingerprint recognition, though, because as we mentioned already, Samsung needs to keep up with the mobile Joneses.

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