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ZTE Grand Memo II 6in Android phablet coming at MWC

ZTE is all set to take the wraps off a range of premium smartphones at MWC next week, including an Android phablet, the Grand Memo II LTE.

Sadly, details on the Grand Memo II smartphone are currently sparse to say the least, with the company only letting slip a brief teaser that the screen size will be 6in, a not uncommon size these days as the popularity of phablets continues to grow.

A new version of the MiFavor interface, the UI with which ZTE overlays Android to customise and differentiate its devices, is also promised for MWC, but again the company revealed nothing about what the overhaul would actually do.

PC World noted that the company also said it would be launching the ZTE Open C, a handset that will run Firefox OS (version 1.3), and is being produced in conjunction with Mozilla and Telefónica. That will be pitched at the lower end of the market, of course. The original ZTE Open far from thrilled us, but it was undeniably cheap, and hopefully progress will have been made since it launched last autumn.

ZTE’s sales have slipped recently, and it was down around 10 per cent in terms of the number of smartphones sold last year compared to 2012 – so it will definitely be looking to make an impact at MWC 2014.

It’s certainly looking towards innovation, and the firm is currently experimenting with modular smartphones. ZTE also had a novel Projector Hotspot which it showed off at last month’s CES. If it can pour more of this original thinking into its smartphones, the results should be good.