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Cuff: Bringing style to wearable tech

When you think wearable computing gadgets, it's safe to say the words "chic" and "fashionable" probably don't come to mind. But a startup called Cuff is looking to change that with a new line of tech-savvy jewellery that aims to keep you safe — and stylish.

Unveiled Tuesday, the collection includes aesthetically pleasing bracelets, necklaces, and keychains in a variety of textures and finishes. Each of the pieces can function as a so-called "personal protection and alert system," letting you quickly notify loved ones if you're in danger, and vice versa.

"The new Cuff collection wearables are more chic than geek, wrapping smart technology into elegant, fashionable pieces that we all WANT to wear," Deepa Sood, Cuff founder and former VP of product development at luxury retailer Restoration Hardware, said in a statement.

"We don't believe that we should be forced to choose between smarts and beauty when it comes to wearable accessories."

The alert system is powered by a small wireless component called CuffLink, which can be removed and tucked unto any of the pieces in the Cuff collection. It connects to your phone to send alerts and receive notifications.

It works like this — using the Cuff mobile app, you'll be able to invite your family and closest friends to receive alerts when you're in trouble. After setting up your trusted network, all you have to do is press your Cuff gadget, and it will send an alert to your friends and family.

When you send an alert, loved ones who are wearing their Cuff will feel the device vibrate, and also receive a message on the Cuff mobile app with your exact location. The CuffLink component never needs recharging, but you'll need to replace it once a year.

The product line is available for pre-order today, but isn't shipping until the later part of this year. Prices range from £30 to £100, and you'll get the £20 CuffLink component for free when you pre-order.

In addition, Cuff plans to license the CuffLinc component to other fashion retailers so they can turn their own designs into tech-savvy wearables.

"We're introducing an entire collection because everyone is different and we want Cuff to fit into many lifestyles and situations," Sood said. "We're also going to bring our CuffLinc technology to the entire fashion ecosystem so all retailers and designers can create fashionable and wearable options."

For more on Cuff, check out the video below.