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Microsoft launches OneDrive cloud storage to replace SkyDrive brand

Forget SkyDrive, as after a copyright wrangle with BSkyB, Microsoft was forced to change the brand to OneDrive – and the renamed service has now gone live globally.

However, it’s not just the name that has changed with the cloud storage and syncing service – a couple have tweaks have also been made to the system’s feature set.

So what’s new? For starters, there’s an automatic camera backup feature for Android devices (OneDrive is available on Windows, Xbox, and Windows Phone of course, but also on Android and iOS, plus the Mac).

OneDrive will also allow users to share videos as easily as photos, Microsoft notes.

New users will get the same free storage allowance as was the case with SkyDrive – that’s 7GB – although in Dropbox style, you’ll be able to earn extra storage (up to a total of 12GB) via customer referrals. Furthermore, if you use the new auto camera backup feature, Redmond will bung you a further 3GB, so with the referrals you can up your account’s storage to a 15GB maximum.

And in celebration of OneDrive’s launch today, Microsoft is going to give 100,000 users a free 100GB storage account for one year, which is a nice little bonus. So if you want a chance of snagging that and you don’t have a OneDrive account, then you’ll need to head on over and sign up now (which is the idea, of course).

If you’re an existing SkyDrive user, the change is a seamless one – Microsoft will have all your files waiting for you when you log in at the site.