Nokia Treasure Tag pairs with your Lumia smartphone to ensure you never lose your keys again

Nokia has unveiled a new Bluetooth gadget called the Treasure Tag, which when partnered with your Lumia phone can help ensure that you don’t lose or leave any valuables at home. Or at least, any valuables which have been tagged.

If you’ve ever heard the “Where's my keys, where's my phone” rap by Zipparah Tafari – and we pity you if you have – then you’ll know exactly where Nokia is coming from here.

You can attach one of the small Treasure Tags (which are 3cm squared) to your keys, and pair the tag to your Lumia handset via Bluetooth or NFC. Then, should you leave your home without either your keys or phone, both the tag and your smartphone will emit a loud noise to warn you of the fact. Clever, eh?

You can then find your keys, or your phone, by following the noise. Also, the companion app links up with Here Maps on the Lumia to pinpoint your keys visually rather than just sonically.

We’d say that Nokia’s invention has made Zipparah Tafari’s annoying song completely redundant, although of course, it already was.

It’s not just your key ring you can attach a tag to, but also your wallet, purse, or any valuable you don’t want to lose or leave home without. You can have a maximum of four tagged devices tied to your Lumia smartphone at any one time, with each being assigned an icon (or a custom photo) within the app to identify it.

Nokia claims its Treasure Tags have up to six months of battery life, and they will be available from April retailing at 25 Euros (around £20).

The Treasure Tag will work with Lumia phones that have the Lumia Black update, but the Finnish firm will also allow third-party apps to support the gadget on Android and iOS. Arrrrr! (Sorry – all this talk of treasure was bound to prompt a piratey outburst at some point).