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Rackspace breaks ground on UK green data centre

Rackspace and Digital Realty have broken ground on a new 130,000 sq ft data centre in the UK with Crawley, West Sussex chosen as the destination.

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The data centre will be part of a 15 acre campus that will eventually consist of four data suites that have a total of 10MW of capacity and the initial build, which will be completed in the first half of 2015, will provide 6MW across two data suites.

The open cloud and data centre company was keen to stress the green credentials of the data centre with the site using “indirect outside air” cooling technology and meeting BREEAM guidelines for energy and sustainability. This results in a site that will reduce the expected energy consumption by up to 80 per cent.

“We factored in everything from minimising landfill and the impact on the environment during construction itself to using more efficient LED lighting and environmentally sourced paint. We are very proud to say we’re involved in building one of the greenest data centres in the UK; it’s a huge achievement,” stated Mark Roenigk, COO of Rackspace.

The data centre will be available to customers across all regions and Rackspace expects much of the demand to come from those in the UK and Europe.

“The addition of another data centre in the UK is in response to the demand in the market as well as growth opportunities for the business across Europe,” Roenigk added.

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Data centre capacity in the UK is something that has been rising steadily for the past few years with a survey from Tariff Consultancy Limited [TCL] last month finding that capacity will increase by 22 per cent across the country. It stated at the time that much of this growth would be at regional data centres outside London and prices will remain static even though capacity is continuing to increase.