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Samsung grabs 56% of Android enterprise market with superior security features

Samsung makes over half of all Android enterprise devices being used as its larger range of enterprise security features are a particular boon with IT professionals looking to use Android devices.

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Data released by IBM’s Fiberlink arm showed that 56 per cent of the 250,000 Android enterprise devices it manages were Samsung with the Galaxy S3 smartphone and Galaxy tab leading the respective categories.

The next largest manufacturer running Android is the Lenovo-owned Motorola with almost a quarter of the market, with third place going to HTC and both LG and Asus taking a similar chunk of the market. The remainder is made up of other manufacturers, which includes Amazon, Huawei, Sony, Casio and Pegatron.

The same report also speculates that the larger screen sizes offered by Samsung smartphones and others running Android are helping it increase market share against the likes of BlackBerry and Apple’s iOS. This makes it far easier for documents to be read and the devices themselves tend to be far cheaper than what Apple can offer.

Apple is still way out in front when it comes to net activations per platform with the company accounting for over 70 per cent of enterprise activations from October to December 2013, with Android showing less than 30 per cent over the same period.

In response to the gains being made by Android in the enterprise sector, Apple is rumoured to be working on larger screen versions of both the iPhone and iPad that could see the light of day later on this year.

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At CES 2014 in January, Intel announced that it was developing security extensions for Intel-based mobile devices that run Android in both the consumer and enterprise sectors and this will further solidify growing enterprise confidence in Android devices.