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Zhone Technologies introduces MXK XG-PON1 line card at FTTH Conference 2014, targets e-learning

Zhone Technologies has announced a new line card at the FTTH Conference in Stockholm, Sweden.

The MXK XG-PON1 is capable of delivering speeds of 10Gbps downstream and 2.5Gbps upstream over a passive optical network and is aimed at service providers delivering sophisticated applications and video services.

Some of the verticals being targeted by the new product include e-learning and remote medical services, as well as Ultra HD TV in the consumer space.

"Zhone's newest XG-PON1 line card is in preliminary test and trials with our customers now," said Brian Caskey, chief marketing officer at Zhone Technologies.

He added: "The new line card's scalable design helps service providers meet challenging and future demands on access networks. As Zhone's MXK continues to evolve with the needs of service providers delivering fibre services, the new line card helps to further position our customers, MXK and Zhone for the future in optical networking.

"Zhone's FiberHome portfolio brings together a diverse combination of products and solutions that enable service providers to offer the advanced broadband services customers desire."

Taking place 18-20 in Stockholm, Sweden, the FTTH Conference is the world's largest dedicate fibre networks event, welcoming more than 3,000 attendees this year.

The FTTH Conference kicked off with an address by Sweden's minister for information technology and energy, who highlighted the link between superfast broadband access and economic growth.

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