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CityFibre superfast fibre campaign sees interest from 100 Peterborough-based businesses

CityFibre is about to start building out its fibre optic network in Peterborough, and has had some success in getting local businesses to sign up and register their interest in a fibre connection.

In fact, the firm’s “Gig Up” campaign has caught the attention of more than 100 businesses since it went live a week ago, which isn’t bad going.

CityFibre hopes to use the campaign to guide its initial fibre network rollout by highlighting where demand for fibre is across the city.

Businesses who do get themselves a CityFibre connection are being promised symmetrical download and upload speeds of 1000 Megabits per second (or 1Gbps); in other words, a 7GB file will take just under a minute to download.

Greg Mesch, CEO of CityFibre, commented: “We are delighted by the strength of the response, though not entirely surprised. We have had excellent feedback from businesses in Peterborough since announcing our investment at the end of last year, and the impression that we get, reinforced by the number already registered, is that they fully recognise the considerable and positive impact that ultra-fast services delivered through the new fibre network will have on their operations.”

Peterborough CORE, as the fibre network is known, will start to roll out in April. If you’re based in the city and interested, check out the website here.

CityFibre recently strengthened its board by recruiting former BT Wholesale chief Sally Davis to the cause.

Image Credit: Adrienne Serra