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Data compliance legislation alien to almost half of IT professionals

Almost half of IT professionals are gormless when it comes to data compliance legislation and companies are simply handing the responsibility over to managed service providers as a result.

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A survey of IT professionals carried out by Six Degrees Group found that 43 per cent of IT professionals don’t understand compliance legislation when it comes to managing data. This clear lack of knowledge is illustrated by the fact that 52 per cent of IT industry specialists would rather use a managed service provider to cope with data compliance than do so internally.

“It is troubling that the majority of IT professionals surveyed have an insufficient understanding of how to make sure they are compliant. There’s clearly been a breakdown in communications between the compliance and IT departments, but considering the number of rules out there, perhaps it’s not surprising. Something needs to be done to help UK industries to make sense of this maze of legislation,” said Campbell Williams, group strategy and marketing director, Six Degrees Group.

Further to this, some 86 per cent of all those asked expressed concerns about where data is stored, also known as data sovereignty, and 35 per cent of those that use a managed service provider have no idea where the data is actually stored.

“When a third of IT professionals using a managed services provider don’t know where their data is stored, how can they be sure that the data is safe? With businesses relying on cloud providers that might be operating anywhere in the world, it’s time to start asking these questions and make compliance and sovereignty a business priority,” Williams added.

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Six Degrees Group carried out the survey at the IP Expo 2013 last year with 138 respondents being asked a variety of questions relating to the IT sector.

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