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Kazam unveils first LTE smartphone ahead of Mobile World Congress 2014

Kazam, the European mobile outfit which was founded by a pair of ex-HTC executives, has announced the launch of no less than 11 phones across three ranges, including its first LTE model.

The Thunder2 represents the company’s higher-end Android offerings powered by quad-core processors, comprising of the Thunder2 5.0 (with a 5in screen) and Thunder2 4.5L (which has a 4.5in display and LTE). It seems a little odd that the 5in handset doesn’t support LTE, though.

These phones will be shown off at next week’s MWC, and are expected to launch at the start of the second quarter. The new Trooper2 (more middling) range is also planned for Q2, coming in 4in, 4.5in, 5in and 6in models.

And then there’s the low-priced Kazam Life handsets. These are user-friendly feature phones (not Android, of course), five of which will emerge, including the Life R5, a rugged device which boasts the IP67 standard to its name.

Kazam’s phones feature a two year warranty, and some models come with screen protection. Pricing is yet to be announced.

James Atkins, CMO of Kazam, commented: “It’s not enough to stand for one thing in the fast paced mobile industry, Kazam must continue to innovate in areas often overlooked by the competition. Kazam is taking a fresh approach to mobile and will continue to pose difficult questions and challenge convention.”