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Outbrain: iOS struggles in non-English speaking countries

Apple dominates the mobile OS landscape in just three countries as English-speaking societies continue to stick with iOS in favour of Google’s popular Android OS when reading content online.

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An infographic from Outbrain, the content discovery platform, found that iOS edges out Android in the UK, US and Australia with Android the platform of choice in France, Germany, India, Israel, Singapore, Spain, and Italy.

In the UK it’s a close run thing as 49 per cent use iOS whereas 41 per cent use Android and the remaining nine per cent use another system. On the other side of the pond 54 per cent use iOS and 44 per cent use Android whereas the gap is much wider Down Under as 61 per cent of Australians use iOS and 38 per cent opt for Android.

As expected Apple’s lowest penetration is in India where just 11 per cent use iOS and a massive 84 per cent read content on Android devices. It’s a similar story across Europe with iOS trailing Android in Spain [22 per cent to 74 per cent], Italy [31 per cent to 64 per cent], Germany [31 per cent to 67 per cent], and France [33 per cent to 64 per cent]. In Israel it isn’t too far behind with 41 per cent compared to Android’s 58 per cent and likewise in Singapore where it enjoys 45 per cent against 54 per cent.

In almost all of the countries covered, content consumption on smartphones far outstrips tablets and Australia is the only place where there is an even split at an exact 50-50.

Outbrain’s statistics also take into account the top five content categories across the 10 countries and in the UK the top five are Soccer, Crime News, Celebrities, Auto and Nutrition.

Soccer scores big in a number of countries that are on Outbrain’s radar and also comes out on top in Germany, Israel, Singapore and Spain. Tech, meanwhile doesn’t come out prominently in many of the countries with Mobile Tech third in Germany, Social News third in Israel, Software Tech fourth in Italy, and Television fifth in Singapore.

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The figures reflect a trend that can be seen every time a set of smartphone market share figures is published and at the last check Android had well over 50 per cent of the global market even though iOS devices continues to sell well in the US and UK.