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RealVNC – billion dollars here we come

The top guys at RealVNC are clever – real clever. In July 2013, several news articles were published making guestimates that RealVNC would be a one billion pound company within the next five years.

The question is how? How can a small remote control company become a billion dollar company in five years?

As a result of the news and an invitation from the RealVNC PR company, ITProportal trekked up to Cambridge for a video interview with RealVNC CEO, Dr Andy Harter (video interview yet to be published).

Although the discussion was aimed at business processes and inspiring new business, Dr Harter did mention several new RealVNC products released over the last year, one of which was their remote desktop for Facebook users - Deskhop.

Deskhop (which bizarrely sounds like desk cop – shades of the oncoming big brother) hardly made the popular tech or mainstream news articles.

The main reason for the lack of news appeared to be due to the fact that remote control is nothing new and several articles mentioned that users already had remote control built into Skype, Google Chrome and Google Plus Hangouts (perform an online search for Deskhop if you’re interested in reading those articles).

So let’s do the maths – with over a billion Facebook users able to use a free remote control application – just suppose RealVNC came out with a bolt on add-on for their free Deskhop application, which RealVNC charged one dollar for – we instantly have one billion dollars. Of course not everyone using Facebook will use Deskhop – they may use Google Chrome or Google Hangout instead.

What wasn’t mentioned is that the RealVNC remote control is built into all Google remote control products and is now built into the motherboard of the latest Intel offerings.

In fact RealVNC remote control is embedded in many products beyond Google and Intel products – with these facts in mind, we can see how that billion dollar mark can be quickly achieved with the multitude of add-ons that will be available to corporates and consumers alike.

You can see just how easy it is to use Deskhop on Facebook in order to help share information and fix friend’s computers on our Deskhop how to Guide.