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Report: Half of Brits worry about mobile security

Living in a post-Snowden era, you'd expect the population to be nursing a healthy dose of paranoia when it comes to their technology. Sure enough, a recent report from F5 networks has revealed that half of UK consumers – that's 49 per cent - are concerned about the security of their mobile data.

It's a revelation that piles the pressure upon mobile operators, as a third of their customers say they would blame their mobile operators if their data was to be compromised in a data breach.

It's an understandable concern when we consider the scope of data Snowden uncovered that was being mined by spy agencies from smartphone apps. The advertising framework used by free Android and iOS apps has turned everyday mobile software into spyware portals, as personal information such as location, email addresses, phone numbers and even device IDs can be compromised.

It all means that security is now among the top three elements most customers will consider when they choose a mobile operator, after pricing and network coverage. A whopping 65 per cent of those surveyed even said that security is more important to them than access to the latest devices. What use is the most up-to-date flagship smartphone with voice activation technology and a sapphire imbued screen if it can't protect you against the most basic cyber threats?

It's clear then that mobile operators have got to prioritise customer security in their roadmaps going forward. With 52 per cent of consumers saying they would switch providers after a major data breach, it's clear that the blame buck for compromising information often stops at the operator's door, not the apps or handsets themselves.

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Image source: Shutterstock/Alexey Arkhipov