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Alcatel OneTouch and IriTech unveil tablet with iris scanner

Alcatel OneTouch and biometrics firm IriTech have revealed a tablet they will be showing off at MWC 2014, and it’s a slate which comes with iris recognition technology.

Yes, forget fingerprints; the eyes are the windows to the soul, and also the entryway to your tablet in this case. The new tablet scans your iris as a physical password used to unlock (or lock) the device, or to launch applications.

In a joint press release, the companies noted that it takes “seconds” to scan, implying some sort of speed, although it leaves us asking just how many seconds, and not thinking about speed, but rather about tapping our fingers staring at a tablet screen.

However, Alcatel OneTouch is insisting it will deliver a quality user experience with the scanner, so we’d think it’s unlikely that speed is a factor which has been overlooked.

Dan Dery, CMO for Alcatel OneTouch, commented: “Ensuring a great user experience is at the heart of how we design software and hardware. We work closely with our partners to develop new approaches like iris scanning and are pleased to demonstrate a working example at Mobile World Congress.”

The scanner consists of a small iris recognition camera module plus infrared LED, which works with IriTech’s iris matching software.

Previously a retina scanner has been rumoured to be arriving on Samsung's Galaxy S5 smartphone at MWC, either that or a fingerprint scanner, although the latest speculation indicates that the latter is a more likely prospect.