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Daily deal: Save 99% on premium phone calls

Premium rates can be a huge drain on your bank account's funds. With calls to 0800 numbers costing up to £1.50 per minute, in a very short space of time you could be racking up an eye watering bill without even realising it.

This is where Digitech Communications has entered the fray. It claims that its bibitel sim-skin can save customers up to a 99 per cent average saving on premium rate calls in the UK.

How? According to bibitel, the sim-skin technology can be stuck over any SIM card and won't interfere with your existing contact or number. Operating on a top-up basis, it means you won't be tied into a lengthy contract and will only use the sim-skin when a cost saving can be made. The sim-skin will only activate when placing premium calls, meaning it can be kept on the phone at all times.

Its maker claims that the sim-skin offers on average a saving of over a pound per minute when calling premium numbers, as well as a 98 per cent saving when calling internationally from a mobile phone.

So with bibitech slashing the cost of 0800 calls to just 1p per minute, this is the perfect deal for anyone who frequently finds themselves with a hefty phone bill at the end of the month.

As always, we strongly advise that you read our standard daily deals disclaimer should you have a purchase intent. These deals are not sponsored but are instead chosen solely because they represent, in our humble opinion, a cracking bargain.