Gmail “unsubscribe” link heading to the very top

Gmail is conducting some housekeeping for its users and moving the pesky “unsubscribe” link to the top of promotional email messages.

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TechWorld reports that Google will include a clear “unsubscribe” link in the header field of all marketing emails that will automatically appear in most promotional messages and email recipients won’t have to do anything to turn the feature on.

The move won’t go down well with those sending the emails but it will make the user experience an easier one and gone will be the days of searching in the depths of a message for an unsubscribe message that is often in an extremely small font. The new feature doesn’t even require the user to leave Gmail and is being done to help both sides of the promotional email debate.

Vijay Eranti, who is head of anti-abuse at Gmail, stated that identifying unwanted mail or soft spam is one of the biggest problems with the service’s spam filter and the issue often starts with users marking messages as spam when they can’t find the unsubscribe link. When enough users send this signal to Google then all of the company’s emails could be classed as spam thus causing significant problems.

Google’s latest addition is part of a wider campaign that has seen a wide range of different “quick action buttons” introduced to Gmail that make it quicker to perform actions in email accounts.

It first rolled out a series of buttons in May 2013 that made it easy to RSVP to event invitations without opening the message and later in the year it was made simpler to modify restaurant reservations and save Google Offer promotions with one click.

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At around the same time Gmail changed to a tabbed inbox that automatically classes messages according to whether they are Social, Promotions or Updates, with everything important going to the Primary folder.