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Google snaps up London-based to tackle online fraud

Google has made another acquisition, this time picking up a London-based security firm,, in order to bolster its efforts to stamp out ad fraud on the web.

There’s no hint as to how much Google spent on the startup, which the big G says has “spent the past three years building a world-class ad fraud fighting operation.”

ZDNet reports that’s fraud sniffing technology has been shaped to hunt out malicious code embedded within links and media. Google will be making use of this tech right from the off, integrating it within the company’s vast array of video and display adverts, helping to keep them safer for surfers.

Of course, Google already has plenty of security measures in place with its adverts already – this is a move to bolster them, Mountain View notes in a blog post regarding the acquisition.

Neal Mohan, VP of Display Advertising at Google, wrote: “Over the long term, our goal is to improve the metrics that advertisers and publishers use to determine the value of digital media and give all parties a clearer, cleaner picture of what campaigns and media are truly delivering strong results. Also, by including’s fraud fighting expertise in our products, we can scale our efforts to weed out bad actors and improve the entire digital ecosystem.”

This is the second security-related acquisition Google has made this week, as it also picked up Israeli security firm SlickLogin, a startup which is working on using sound waves to provide authentication for websites.