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Samsung teases Exynos Infinity chip for MWC, apologises over bullfighting promo image

Samsung has indicated that it will be showcasing a new Exynos Infinity processor – possibly a 64-bit chip – at MWC next week, although not without causing a stir over its choice of imagery accompanying the teaser.

NDTV Gadgets spotted that the company tweeted: “Continuing our market-leading innovation and leadership, we bring you our latest innovations. Please stay tuned.”

The initial image accompanying that tweet proclaimed “Exynos Infinity in Barcelona” and “Samsung Exynos Processor,” but it was the actual content of the photo which caused offence – namely a stamping bull with a red flag being waved at it.

Samsung swiftly pulled the bullfighting image down, and tweeted: “We respect animal rights and had no intention to promote the opposite. We apologise to all that may have been offended.”

One Twitter user, ‏@MayaEsteve, replied: “Thank you for your apology. Horrible image of animal abuse.”

The replacement image, as you can see above, is about as neutral as you can get, employing a simple black-space-with-stars background.

The Exynos Infinity could be the firm’s first 64-bit chip – to keep up with the Apple A7 – and there’s been plenty of speculation that this could perhaps be the processor powering the Galaxy S5.

Samsung has previously talked about pushing out an Exynos SoC based on the 64-bit ARM CPU core, and indeed its own 64-bit processor core, at the firm’s Analyst Day last November.

Time will tell if we’ll see a 64-bit Galaxy S5, and fortunately we haven’t got long to wait, as the S5 launch event rolls around on Monday.