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Samsung Galaxy S5 teaser video reinforces waterproof speculation

Samsung has unleashed a teaser trailer for its upcoming Galaxy S5 phone which suggests that the handset might be waterproof.

Several previous rumours have suggested that this is the case. First of all, a teaser web page that went up on the German O2 website showed a phone being immersed in water, although we pretty much dismissed that off-hand.

Following that, yesterday morning we had the revelation from ZDNet Korea that the S5 will indeed be waterproof and dustproof. However, an anonymous source does not a water-resistant Galaxy S5 make. But we had to admit there was a little more weight to the rumour.

Weight which has increased now we’ve seen this teaser trailer. The trailer doesn’t actually reveal anything except a series of words, flashed up swiftly with images, all of the words followed by the number 5 (the MWC launch event is called Unpacked 5). And all the words pertain to “The Next Galaxy” – the phrase the trailer ends on.

And one of words is – yes, you guessed it: “Wet” (as you can see in the above image). And funnily enough, the fast-flashing words and images slow down in a few places, one of those being on the word wet, lending it some emphasis.

Another word that’s lingered over is “speed,” again for obvious reasons. Other rumour mongers have suggested we might see a 64-bit CPU for the S5, given that Samsung has also teased a new Exynos Infinity processor to be unveiled at MWC.

Maybe we shouldn’t read too much into the words though, as a lot of them are meaningless mush like “free”, “courage”, “alive” and so forth. “Peace” and “party” also crop up, suggesting that there is at least one employee left at Samsung from the 1960s.

Anyway, we digress. The upshot is that there does seem to be a chance that the S5 will be waterproof – though we still retain a healthy scepticism on the issue. Only a couple of days to wait now until we find out, and naturally enough, we’ll be at MWC with the full scoop (and our Supersoaker Hydrostorm).