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5 cool pairs of headphones with top quality sound

So what's the definition of cool when it comes to headphones? For some, it may be Ludacris' Soul. For others, it could be any pair that looks smart – or perhaps a set of cans that works wirelessly.

Whether you live for the bass of hip-hop, groove to trendy indie, or even sail to the sounds of smooth jazz, we’ve highlighted five pairs of earphones and headphones that we think rock and most definitely have the cool factor for one reason or another. Have a favourite pair of headphones that you consider totally awesome? Let us know in the comments below.

Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930 (£159)

Cables running from your head to the computer disappear with the Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930 (pictured above). The headphones connect wirelessly to a USB dongle, letting you listen to movies, music, and games, and talk to your mum on Skype though the flip-down mic. The G930s also have an impressive range so you can move as far as 40 feet away from the transmitter while still getting a clear sound. It's not cheap, but the G930 is an ideal choice for any gamer who wants rich audio without cables.

Sennheiser CX 680 Sports (£35)

These earphones offer high quality audio performance with a great bass response. Partnering with Adidas, Sennheiser designed the in-canal CX 680 Sports to fit even more securely than earbuds. The innovative flexible "fins" help lock the earpieces into place behind the ridges of your outer ear. Their rugged, waterproof design means you can sweat in them and even rinse them off after a tough workout, making them a great sounding pair of fitness-friendly earphones.

AKG K 350 (£31)

The AKG K 350s win cool points for bringing high quality audio performance to a very affordable price range. The earbuds are extremely lightweight and have a secure fit. The K 350s offer impressive performance that's good enough for an audiophile on a budget. Also, they come in a variety of colours and have iPhone controls to boot.

Soul by Ludacris SL99 (£79)

Endorsed by hip-hop star Ludacris, the SL99 headphones offer powerful audio performance with strong bass and tweaked high frequencies. The SL99s fit securely in the ear and also come with three pairs of eartips in various sizes along with a carrying case. They feature built-in iPhone, iPad, and iPod controls with a microphone.

Klipsch Image One (£58)

The design of the Klipsch Image One headphones is a high point. The supra-aural cups are well-padded, and the leather headband also adds extra comfort, making these a dream to wear for hours on end. And not only do these guys feel good, but they look good as well, thanks to their classy leather outer panel emblazoned with the Klipsch logo.

Originally retailing at £130, you can now pick these babies up for half of that, which quite frankly is a hell of a bargain for the high quality sound they deliver (with no distortion at high volumes and a hearty bass response). iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch owners will be happy to know that the Image One has controls built into the audio cable.