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MWC 2014: Brand new dual-screen YotaPhone smartphone launched

Russian firm Yota has just unveiled the latest iteration of its smartphone at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014.

This is one of the launches ITProPortal was most looking forward to at the show, after being blown away by the first YotaPhone back at MWC 2013, and we can confirm that the new device builds on the work of its predecessor.

With the first generation YotaPhone, notifications and other important information appeared automatically on the YotaPhone's always-on rear display. This next generation YotaPhone integrates a full-touch screen, allowing users to open and respond to these notifications by touch, without having to wake up and activate the colour display.

Using this new feature, users can immediately respond to mails and SMS messages for instance, and can accept and decline meeting invites and post to social media, among other things.

This means that 74 per cent of the YotaPhone is covered with usable, interactive display, compared to just 30-40 per cent on the average Android smartphone.

The back-screen has also got a little bit more impressive in this permutation. The characteristic always-on EPD display on the new Yotaphone is also 4.7in with a higher resolution than its predecessor, greater pixel density and a built-in backlight.

The next generation YotaPhone also comes with a Smart Power Mode so users can turn off the energy-consuming 5in AMOLED colour screen and perform functions like making and answering phone calls on the always-on monochrome display on the back to preserve battery life.

If that wasn't enough to get everyone pretty excited, the guys down at Yota Devices have also announced that they are opening the phone up to developers, with the YotaPhone SDK to third-party developers.Tools and information can be found at

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