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Microsoft cuts price of Xbox One to £399 with Titanfall bundled

Microsoft is going to drop the price of the Xbox One to £399 in an effort to better compete with the PlayStation 4 – and Redmond is bundling a free copy of Titanfall, the first major launch for the console due out mid-March.

The Xbox One launched at £429, so this is a £30 price cut which is coming into play this Friday, bringing the console closer to the PS4’s £350 tag.

The inclusion of a £40 “triple A” title effectively brings the console close to Sony’s value proposition – though of course there’s nothing to stop Sony from striking back with its own tempting bundle.

Still, Titanfall is a key moment for the Xbox One, and as the first major launch for the console, it was widely expected to help shift plenty of units by itself. It has received a lot of positive hype in previews, and there’s going to be quite a crowd wanting to play it. Now Redmond is bundling the game coupled with a price cut, it could see some serious traction – or that’s certainly the idea.

Microsoft definitely needs it, as the Xbox One appears to have fallen further behind the PS4 in sales figures of late.

The BBC notes that the price drop is only confirmed for the UK at the moment, but it’s likely to come to the US as well, of course.

Harvey Eagle, UK marketing director for the Xbox, told the Beeb: “The reason we're doing this is that we're committed to giving gamers the best value that we can.”

“We're only a few months into a generation of consoles that are going to last for many many years to come. And now just feels like the right time to make the adjustment on the price.”

Expect some form of reaction from Sony soon enough, though – we doubt they’ll be laurel-sitting. The PS4 also just launched in Japan, which will doubtless help to further bolster Sony's global sales.