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Samsung Galaxy S5 leaked ahead of MWC 2014 unveiling tonight

Like an over-excited guest letting off all the party poppers before the surprised birthday boy even walked through the door, Samsung's heavily anticipated Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone has been leaked ahead of its official unveiling at MWC in Barcelona this evening.

A series of leaked images were discovered by a Hardware Zone forum member named OKCATYEON. In them, you can see the alleged Samsung Galaxy S5 in its full glory with front facing and close-up shots of the under-wraps handset.

Still, every cloud has a silver lining – or at least apparently the Galaxy S5 flagship does. The images show the handset will boast a ridged silver lining around the device that sits nicely with the simple white chassis. If the photos are anything to go by, it seems that visually the Galaxy S5 is staying true to the Galaxy S family design. You can also see that the Galaxy S5 will be imbued with a physical hard button on the front panel.

The OKCATYEON leakster doesn't stop there though. They have gone so far as to claim in a forum post that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will indeed sport a fingerprint scanner. Biometric technology is hugely in vogue at the moment, with every technology developer clamouring to imbue their devices with some sort of body / machine symbiosis. According to this member, the S5's scanner will require the user to swipe eight times on the home button scanner to register it. Once saved, the Galaxy S5 will reportedly be able to register up to three different fingerprints at a time – making it perfect for anyone willing to share their coveted S5 handset with another user.

But the leaks don't stop there. OKCATYEON has also claimed that the Galaxy S5's scanner will give users the ability to make mobile payments via PayPal. It will double as a form of dual-factor authentication, boosting the S5's security. Other features rumoured include a new heart rate sensor that plays into the current preoccupation with health monitoring apps on smartphones.

Specs-wise, the leakster boasts that the handset will be revealed to house a 16-megapixel camera, which seems to be a reasonable assumption given previous rumours. They also say that the Galaxy S5 will be beefed up with IP67 dust and water resistance, meaning it should be as waterproof as the recently unveiled Xperia Z2, which we had some hands-on time with earlier at MWC.

If you were wondering about the rest of the specs, we've heard whispers previously that the Galaxy S5 will boast a 5.24in AMOLED screen with a QHD 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution. You should be able to choose the handset in two storage variants, a 32GB and 64GB model with two processor variants (an Exynos 6 and Snapdragon 805) plus it will hopefully pack at least a 3200mAh battery.

We'll be at the live launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5 later this evening, so stay tuned for more details via our liveblog.