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Tech News Weekly podcast 6: MWC 2014 unveils a spy-proof phone, floods wrack businesses, and the dawn of a Europe-only Internet

Whilst the world gets excited for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5 in Barcelona, we've got our eyes on another smartphone soon to have lift off. In this week's Tech Weekly News podcast privacy seems to be the name of the game, as we take a closer look at the "spy proof" Blackphone and discuss rumblings of a Europe-only Internet.

The panel this week joining Wayne Scott is Alysia Judge, Ben Chai and Aatif Sulleyman.

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First up, Alysia Judge lifts the lid on a new NSA-proof smartphone for the post-Snowden era. Meet Blackphone, the first handset to place privacy and control directly in the consumer's hands. It runs free of carriers and vendors, and according to its creators Silent Circle and Geeksphone it will wipe users clean off the government's radar. But just how does the device work? And if in the wrong hands, can it actually do more harm than good?

Spy snooping aside, nosy NSA officials aren't the only menace to society. Ben Chai takes a look at how the recent flooding and tube strikes have been affecting businesses. Doom and gloom have been dominating the headlines, but there have been a few unexpected consequences of so many employees being forced to work from home. Are we witnessing the beginnings of a shift away from office life?

Aatif Sulleyman has also been busy chatting to Microsoft's SME business channel development manager, Chris Rothwell, about a subject that seems to be growing in popularity with each passing day: The cloud. With IBM expecting the global cloud market to be worth £122 billion by 2020, have we seen the best of what cloud has to offer yet?

Finally the team discuss a controversial case that Germany has proposed a new network to avoid NSA snooping. The country is in talks with France over a new European communication network that would essentially avoid emails and online data passing through the US. But what does this mean for the future of the Internet, and how we view data protection? Listen in to find out.

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