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Yahoo News Digest brings Summly-based curation service to UK

Yahoo News Digest has launched its news curation service for UK customers with iPhone and iPod touch owners the first to be able to take advantage of the Summly-based service.

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The app will deliver news twice a day to a customer’s mobile device and takes the form of information from across the Internet that is organised into units known as atoms.

“The atomic units include summaries, maps, infographics, stock tickers, Wikipedia extracts, videos, photos, quotes and more. We’ve just launched two new atoms; weather and statistics. The stories and atoms are algorithmically produced but editorially curated demonstrating the perfect blend of technology and journalism,” stated Nick D’Aloisio, product manager for Mobile and Emerging Products at Yahoo, and the British teenager that developed Summly.

The company first unveiled the app at this year’s CES 2014 conference in Las Vegas that took place last month and CEO Marissa Mayer stated at the time that it “solves the problem of information overload.”

Yahoo purchased D’Aloisio’s app for around £40 million back in March 2013 and it came after he had already attracted support from the likes of Mark Pincus [Zynga], Rupert Murdoch [News International], Li Ka Shing [Hutchinson Whampoa] and Matt Mullenweg [Wordpress].

Summly was first integrated into Yahoo’s iOS and Android apps in April and May 2013 respectively and included summarised news content, a personalised news feed with preferences that can be used on other devices as well as the ability to share content on social media.

Content curation services have been growing in popularity over the past couple of years with the likes of Spotify even launching a service in order to offer customers curated playlists.

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There’s no news on when an Android app will arrive but if it’s anything like Summly’s integration into the company’s regular apps then it won’t be long until Yahoo News Digest hits the Google Play Store.