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Accidentally deleted an important SMS? Type Machine will bring it back

Typing on mobile devices has gotten better over the years, but it's still not something to relish. The worst is when you've got a big block of text and an app crashes, or a web site becomes unresponsive.

You'll never have to worry about that again with Type Machine for Android. This app plugs into the accessibility service to archive all the text you enter—don't worry, it seems perfectly safe.

Type Machine sucks in all the words you enter on your device and organises everything by app. So if you lose something or just need to refer back, Type Machine makes it easy to find. It even records the entire text entry process. The slider at the bottom of each entry can be used to scan through word-by-word, allowing you to retrieve text that you deleted.

This app does not have the Internet access permission, so it can't send your keystrokes anywhere. It also won't save anything you enter into a password field, and the settings let you block any app you don't want Type Machine monitoring.

The default behaviour is to delete anything older than 24 hours, but that can be cranked up to 7 days if you want. The app can also be protected with a PIN.

Type Machine is a very well designed app that adheres to the Android design guidelines and scales well to phones and tablets. There shouldn't be any negative impact on performance or battery life either. For a £1.99 app, Type Machine is more than worth picking up.

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