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MWC 2014: BlackBerry unveils eBBM mobile messaging solution for the enterprise

BlackBerry has announced a new spin on its messaging software, namely eBBM, a range of mobile messaging services targeted at enterprise customers.

The first part of eBBM is set to launch in the summer, and it’s called BBM Protected, with there being no surprise that the emphasis is on secure communications (in these days of plentiful tales about just how far the tentacles of NSA and government surveillance extend).

BlackBerry boasts that BBM Protected will deliver “unrivalled levels of trust” in the enterprise messaging world, with end-to-end encryption of communications using symmetric encryption keys for BBM messages.

This enhanced security will be applied to inter-employee communications within the company, but the application will also allow for external messaging of BBM contacts so there’s no need to run two messaging services (though only the normal BBM levels of security will apply to external communication). IT departments won’t have the headache of installing and configuring new hardware or software, either – the system will work off-the-bat on BlackBerry 10 devices with no upgrades needed.

John Sims, President, Global Enterprise Solutions at BlackBerry, commented: “With the introduction of the eBBM Suite and BBM Protected, we will provide regulated industries and security-conscious organisations with a powerful and best in class instant messaging solution.”

As we reported earlier today, BlackBerry also unveiled a pair of new phones at MWC, one of which is the Q20, a throwback to the good old BlackBerry Bold days. The software side, though, is where BlackBerry is increasingly trying to cling on to relevance in torrid times – the company recently lost the head of BBM.

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