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Google lobbyists take aim at anti-Glass bills in three US states

Google wants to put the breaks on bills that will stop its wearable headset being used whilst driving and lobbyists have already been pushing the issue in three of the eight US states that want to restrict use of the device.

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State lobbying disclosure records and interviews conducted by Reuters showed that Google has lobbyists in place in Illinois, Delaware and Missouri to try and show that the restrictions on the wearable headset are not needed.

There are five other states that have similar bills in place with legislators in New York, Maryland and West Virginia confirming that Google has yet to contact them. New Jersey and Wyoming, meanwhile, have yet to respond to enquiries made by Reuters.

The argument being pushed by Google is that the regulations are premature due to the fact that Google Glass has not been released to the public and is only used by Explorers.

Efforts to introduce a bill in Delaware are led by state Rep. Joseph Miro who also championed an effort to stamp out texting whilst driving and stated that those lobbying against the bill in his state simply forwarded a news article about a failed court case in San Diego.

"I'm not against Google or Google Glass. It may have a place in society," said the Republican representative. "My issue is that while you are driving, you should have nothing that is going to impede the concentration of the driver."

The case mentioned relates to a woman that was given a ticket by a police officer in the state for using the headset whilst at the wheel of her car for flouting a state law that prohibits driving “with a monitor visible.”

Cecelia Abadie, who was accused of the offence, argued that the eyewear was not operating at the time and therefore no more intrusive than a pair of normal glasses. The court agreed with the driver stating that there was “no testimony it was operating or in use while Ms Abadie was driving."

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The UK has already made similar moves to ban drivers wearing the headset whilst operating a motor vehicle and anyone found using Google Glass is subject to a £60 fixed penalty notice and three points on their license – the same penalty for using a mobile phone.