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Mobile app of the day: BlackBerry Messenger for Android

One of the big draws of BlackBerry is BBM – BlackBerry Messenger. However, Android and iPhone owners also have access to this killer app, and updates were released earlier this month which added new features. If you are a fan of IM apps like WhatsApp then BBM may well appeal. New features include BBM Voice for free calls to contacts over Wi-Fi and BBM Channels for shared interest groups. There’s also temporary location sharing in the mix.

Furthermore, you’ve got improved file sharing and Dropbox support, which may well increase BBM’s appeal for business users. If you are worried about having to maintain another contact list, the Find Friends feature does it automatically. This is a big move forwards as it means you no longer need to use your PIN number to add new contacts.

And no, BBM is not device-specific when it comes to making contact. You can run it on, say, an iPhone, and make contact with someone on, say, an Android handset or of course a BlackBerry phone.

Click here to download BlackBerry Messenger for Android (and head here for the iOS version).

Product: BlackBerry Messenger

OS: Android, iOS

Price: Free