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Samsung Galaxy S5 offers 6GB less storage than claimed

Samsung's brand new Galaxy S5 smartphone might look pretty fancy, but according to early reports, it's so crammed with bloatware that 6 whole GB of the phone's storage are unusable.

The Korean firm has been heavily criticised in the past for stuffing its phones full of bloatware. Some of its previous phones, such as the Galaxy S4 have offered only half the storage on the internal SD card to its customers.

While this isn't as pronounced in the S5, it's still a problem, and means that on a 16GB Samsung S5, users get approximately 10GB of space for their own personal files, photos and apps. Read more:

This could affect customers' calculations when considering it against its rival iPhone 5S and Google's Nexus 5.

Samsung has at least tried to remedy the shameful situation. During startup on the S5, ITProPortal has been assured that users can now choose which Samsung apps to install, whereas previously they were all installed by default.

Samsung Apps can also now be uninstalled, which is a major development for Samsung phones. Previous iterations of the Galaxy range had the native apps locked in, and users had to root their devices before they were able to remove them.