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TiVo founders launch video streaming revolution with Qplay

Ever thought that a version of Spotify for videos would be cool? TiVo co-founders may have found the answer with a new invention that brings video clips from all over the Internet into the living room.

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Qplay, the external hard-drive sized box, will allow users to bring together clips from free video sites like YouTube, paid-for services such as LoveFilm and Netflix, and even live television shows to create personalised lists of content.

“With TiVo, Jim and I focused on creating a great consumer experience that put the viewer in control of the video they watched,” said Mike Ramsay, CEO of Qplay. “We’re applying the same focus to Internet video with Qplay and are creating a new kind of consumer experience that exploits the full potential of the Internet to give viewers a unique way to control their video entertainment.”

The system works by using an iPad app to discover, playback and control the content, the aforementioned hard-drive sized Qplay TV adapter is connected to the TV, and videos are played directly from the cloud thus allowing videos to play when another iPad app is being used.

Videos are delivered in the form of Qs that are either automated streams created using RSS or Twitter feeds, or personalised Qs created by Qplay users. GigaOM had a sneak peak of the service earlier this week where various Qs were shown off based on YouTube subscriptions and the service will support videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at launch.

Qplay offers an alternative to the likes of Google’s Chromecast, Apple TV and Roku in that all content will be organised into playlists instead of having to enter each individual app to play different programming.

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The device has already gone on sale via the company’s website for $49 [£29.35] on a strictly first come first served basis and it promises to ship within one to three business days.