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MWC 2014: What you missed on Day 1

Samsung Galaxy S5

The biggie of day 1 of MWC was of course Samsung dropping the Galaxy S5 on the world like a plasticky, large-screened bomb. The new phone doesn't quite achieve the ambitious specs that were getting spread by over-enthusiastic pot-stirrers around the web (on this site too, we humbly admit). Still, it's a bit of a beast, with a Snapdragon 801 processor, 5.1in screen, and a fingerprint scanner just like – oh, you know... that other phone.

Gear wearables

Hoping to siphon a bit of the S5 hype in the direction of its ailing Gear line of wearables, Samsung also released a brand new iteration of watches and assorted doodads, with the Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, and the Gear Fit.

The Gear Fit definitely got the most coverage of the three. This health-tracker with a curved screen looks pretty nice, and curves to your arm. Along with its heart-rate sensor and the ability to track your phone when you misplace it, the Gear Fit may well be the dark horse of Samsung's new wearables.

However, there has been no price announcement yet for any of the new Samsung devices.

Blackphone: An NSA-proof communicator?

The Blackphone, from Switzerland's Geeksphone, was also announced officially on day 1 of MWC. The super-secret phone aims to keep you secure by encrypting voice, data storage, and data communications through a variety of subscription services. Look for it in June for around £500.

Sony comes out slugging

Sony and HTC both had new offerings for us on day 1, with the Sony Xperia Z2 showing the world that a fully waterproof smartphone doesn't have to come with low specs, though a high price tag is absolutely requisite. It can also capture 4K video. Cue gasps.

HTC surprises everyone

HTC shocked even people who aren't easily shocked yesterday with the release of some mid-range phones of its own, the most interesting of which is the HTC Desire 816. The Desire 816 looks whole load like the crowd-pleasing HTC One, but with a plastic case that comes in a variety of shiny, bright colours that should please people who like bright, colourful things.

Zuckerberg keynote

As though a Samsung lauch event wasn't enough to drive everyone into a sort of technology mania, billionaire hoodie-wearing entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg was on stage at Mobile World Congress being interviewed by the author of "The Facebook Effect", David Kirkpatrick.

While Zuckerberg touched a little on Facebook's acquisition of WhatsApp, and his own impressions of how NSA spying revelations have impacted Facebook internationally, the primary focus was on, the coalition of mobile technology companies that Facebook spearheads that are working to bring online access to the 5 billion or so people without it. And presumably bring Facebook to them, too.