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Disney Movies Anywhere App launches onto iPad and iPhone

Disney has released a new app for iPad and iPhone that makes it easier to find new movies, and make use of the ones you already own.

The Disney Movies Anywhere app provides a place for you to preview and buy copies of Disney and Marvel films, but also can be used to redeem the digital copy codes found on Disney DVDs and Blu-rays. it even includes deep iTunes integration.

The app ties into iTunes for purchases, but connecting your Apple account provides some added bonuses. Any iTunes copies of Disney movies will be added to your Disney account so they can be watched through Disney's app or via a computer. This iTunes link is currently unique—we're not aware of any other app that is doing that. Content flows the other way too— films bought from Disney in the app are added to iTunes as well.

If you pick up a Disney film on a disc, the digital code can be use in the Movies Anywhere app to get streaming access. This uses Disney's proprietary KeyChest DRM scheme, which is similar to, but different than Ultraviolet. The service currently supports over 400 Disney, Pixar, and Marvel flicks, with more coming soon.

For a limited time, signing up and connecting an iTunes account grants you a free copy of The Incredibles to test the service out. The app seems reasonably fast, and the video quality is good. You shouldn't have any issue. It even includes parental controls for kid-safe usage.