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Mobile app of the day: SuperBeam

If you need to share files from your smartphone on a regular basis perhaps you email them. However, this can eat into a limited data plan – so why not use SuperBeam instead and let Wi-Fi do the job for free?

File sharing is as simple as scanning a QR code to make a connection – the scanning capability is built into the app, or you can use NFC. Files that are shared are put into an easy to find folder called, quite obviously enough, SuperBeam, so they’re no bother to locate when you need them.

The free version is ad-supported. You can upgrade to the Pro version to remove the ads and get a range of additional features including the ability to set the default save location to microSD.

Pro also lets you share files to and from a PC over Wi-Fi, share entire folders and retain their file structure, and you can share with more than one device at a time, among other benefits.

Click here to download SuperBeam for Android.

Product: SuperBeam

OS: Android

Price: Free (£0.93 for Pro version)