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MWC 2014: 80% in IT say consumerisation is forcing up enterprise app expectations

Consumerisation is having a wide ranging effect on the way enterprise apps are being developed with almost all stating that expectations related to the user experience are increasing at a rate of knots.

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A new report has found that 80 per cent of IT decision makers think consumerisation has changed expectations when it comes to user experiences and in turn made for an environment that is infinitely more demanding and just 29 per cent believe the processes in place can handle business needs.

“The user experience is truly the new competitive frontier and enterprises need to make it an integral part of application development, thus ensuring the connection between users and technology is seamless and intuitive. To achieve this, companies must invest in developing a digital strategy that rethinks application possibilities and aligns them to real business outcomes,” stated Dan O’Hara, Mobility vice president, Avanade, the IT consultancy part-owned by Microsoft and Accenture, that compiled the report.

Mobility, on the whole, already is or will be a major initiative for upwards of 90 per cent of enterprises and most stated that new apps must be mobile friendly in order to be well received. The fact that 38 per cent admitted not having a cohesive strategy for key mobility elements including how apps are developed, deployed, maintained and secured shows how far behind some are.

The importance of consumerisation is again shown by the fact that 78 per cent of respondents showed a need for apps to be deployed more quickly than present; 69 per cent stated there’s a desire for apps to run across multiple devices; and 68 per cent want an increased focus on user-centric design.

In addition to this 65 per cent of enterprises stated that offering the best user experiences are key to successful applications and despite this just 43 per cent stated that user interface [UI] design and experience is included in all projects. This in mind, 87 per cent admitted it was difficult to find external partners and vendors with the level of expertise required to design a sufficient UI experience.

90 per cent of organisations also admitted that they will be deploying cloud based apps within two years to “remain nimble” and “take advantage of increased scalability to meet fluctuating requirements.”

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As Bring Your Own Device [BYOD] continues to wield a heavy influence in the workplace the consumerisation of IT will only continue and we can expect many of the same results seen here.