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Stephen Elop will take over Microsoft’s Xbox and Surface division

The former head honcho of Nokia, Stephen Elop, has been confirmed as the new chief of Microsoft's Devices and Studios division.

The move was first picked up by TechCrunch who got hold of a leaked memo, but this leak was then confirmed as Venturebeat reports.

The Devices and Studios division comprises of the Xbox, Surface tablets, and game development, and apparently Elop has been pencilled in for the role since Microsoft inked the deal to acquire Nokia's mobile phone business.

At one stage, though, Elop was in the running for CEO of Microsoft – although as we know, that role went to Satya Nadella.

Elop will take over from Julie Larson-Green, who will be heading to the Applications & Services Group, as Chief Experience Officer in the "My Life & Work" team. Larson-Green will remain head of Xbox and hardware, though, until the Nokia deal is finalised and Elop is signed up and officially back on the Redmond payroll.

Previously Larson-Green was in (joint) charge of Windows – she has only been in her current role for seven months.

As to how Elop will handle this new job, there are already plenty of cries of despair going up from Xbox fans, as his stewardship of Nokia – and sailing the Finnish company into the torrid waters of Windows Phone – didn't exactly work out to be a storming success.