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Google+ app for Android updated with new photo features

Google has updated the Android app for its social network to provide a raft of new features for photo viewing and editing.

The Next Web spotted the new version of the Google+ app, which went live on the Play Store yesterday.

The app now boasts photo editing synced across all your Android devices, with your edits saved in the cloud. So you can, for example, edit an image on your tablet on the journey back from work, and then continue to tweak it on your PC when you arrive home (with the edits you made on your tablet still in place). Google saves the original too, so you can always revert to that if you begin to have second thoughts about your editing work. We’ve all been there…

More image editing features have been added – such as crop and rotate – and also a bunch of one-touch filters and image enhancers.

The change that seems to have caused some controversy, though, is Google’s tweaking of the photo view. The app now provides a single view for all your snaps, showing your entire photo library, no matter whether those pics are on the device you’re currently using or not.

A couple of user reviews on the Play Store expressed displeasure with the new functionality.

Nicholas Elliott asked: “Why do all the pictures come into the same stream of photos? It would be good if they were kept separate like in the last update. This update has made nothing better on the Photos app but rather worse.”

Another reviewer, Paul Smith, was a bit stronger: “Photos app ruined… I absolutely hate the way it shows all images bundled together now, this update sucks.”