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Mobile app of the day: SwiftKey Note

SwiftKey is a keyboard replacement for Android smartphones that lets you sweep your finger across keys rather than having to tap them individually – and for many people it makes for faster text entry. Here we're interested in what SwiftKey has done for iOS in the form of the Swiftkey Note app.

This free app uses SwiftKey's brilliant predictive technology to help you take notes really quickly. It learns your personal way of writing to make this predictive system more accurate. The more you use it, the more accurate it becomes.

SwiftKey Note lets you quickly switch between languages as well, if that's your thing. You can tag notes, and group them into notebooks. Swiftkey Note connects with Evernote and can use your Evernote notes to swiftly learn your writing preferences so it can hit the ground running. Also, your notes are backed up on Evernote. Indeed, SwiftKey Note could be the ideal speed-improving and time-saving companion app for Evernote users.

Click here to download SwiftKey Note.

Product: SwiftKey Note


Price: Free