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Tech News Weekly podcast 7: Live, opinionated and uncut from MWC 2014

Unless you've had your head buried in a bucket of sand this week, you'll be aware that one of the year's biggest tech conferences has descended on the fair city of Barcelona.

Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014, brings together all the biggest names in mobile technology (except one, of course), and sees some of the calendar's biggest releases fall from the sky like shiny touchscreen toffees.

This week, our two journalists on the ground at MWC 2014, James Laird and Aatif Sulleyman give us all the latest news, analysis and drama from Barcelona. They're also joined by our two journalists in the studio, Alysia Judge and Paul Cooper.

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First up, our two lucky lads on the scene, James Laird and Aatif Sulleyman call in from the show floor in Barcelona, soaking up the atmosphere and letting us in on the gadgets you need to get your hands on this year - and of course those you really don't.

James Laird goes into the headline news of the Samsung Galaxy S5 being launched at a packed event. We also talk about whether Samsung has actually brought anything new to the table this year, and whether Samsung's new beast has anything on Google's own flagship, the Nexus 5.

Aatif Sulleyman, on the other hand, attended Mark Zuckerberg's packed-out keynote on day one. Aatif lets us in on what Zuckerberg said exactly - and the slight slip-up no one else seems to have spotted. He also gives us a few hints about why Facebook's philanthropic programme might just be something of a "gateway drug" for Internet users.

Back in the studio, Alysia Judge breaks down just why the Blackphone might not be as NSA-proof as its marketing claims, and why Blackphone were incredibly smart to use MWC 2014 as their launching platform. She also takes us through the new gamut of Samsung wearable devices, and the intriguing Gear Fit in particular.

Last off, Paul Cooper discusses why Facebook could be using as a way of boosting their ailing profits, and how the WhatsApp acquisition could affect the landscape of social media going into the future.

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