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Amazon looks to implement streaming music with Prime service

Amazon is looking to further expand its media offerings, and is apparently in talks to bring streaming music, Spotify-style, to its Prime subscription service.

Along with snappy delivery times, Amazon Prime has offered a large library of films and TV shows for some time over in the US. Indeed, UK Prime subscribers are now getting the same treatment because, as we recently reported, Amazon has integrated its Lovefilm service for streaming movies and shows (and also hiked the Prime subscription fee from £30 to £79 per year, sadly).

At any rate, music streaming is a missing piece of the Prime puzzle, and one that Amazon is looking to bring on board according to Re/code.

Re/code’s industry sources claim that Amazon has opened up a “serious” dialogue with the big record companies, with a view to acquiring the rights to use music in such a service.

This is all very vague, though, at this point. Talks have been going on for a few months, but Amazon is playing hardball and asking for much more discount than the likes of Spotify get – just as it does in the book arena (and every other arena for that matter). Apparently a deal isn’t close to being sealed, according to an insider at one label, precisely because Amazon is being too demanding.

We won’t hold our breath, then.

And if the deal does come off, and Prime streaming music makes its way over to the UK, we can expect a further subscription price hike, following the major one we’ve just witnessed.