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Want to learn coding? Look no further than the Flappy Bird game is celebrating its one-year anniversary with a nod to the late Flappy Bird game.

Alongside the milestone announcement that students have written 1 billion lines of code, the site built a new drag-and-drop tutorial that lets anyone build their own Flappy game—"whether it's Flappy Bird, or Flappy Easter Bunny, Flappy Santa, Flappy Shark with Lasers, Flappy Fairy or Flappy Underwater Unicorn."

"Flappy Bird is a simple game," co-founder Hadi Partovi wrote in a blog post. "And using the basics of computer science, any student can create their own version with endless possibilities."

Make your own rules, your own levels of difficulty, and your own scoring system.

Flappy bird knock-offs are rather popular these days. According to The Guardian, 95 Flappy Bird-inspired iOS games were launched within 24 hours on Wednesday.

Some of the most notable titles include Tappy Bieber, Annoying Flappy Fly: In The Search For Disgusting Bathroom Treats, Flappy Beard Hipster Quest, Flip Flappy Troll, Flappy Parrot: A Tribute Game, Flying Mustache, and A Floppy Floppy Flying Disk in The Land of 8 Bit Retro Game.

As Cult of Mac pointed out, of the 293 new iOS games, the Guardian writer discovered more than 30 per cent were Flappy Bird clones.