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MWC 2014: Meet FLIR One, the gateway to thermal vision on your iPhone

Get to da choppah (Predator joke, right there)! FLIR set up shop at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to show off its first mobile accessory, the FLIR One thermal imaging camera for iPhone 5/5s.

This high-tech case attaches directly to iPhones to bring Predator-like thermal imaging to your mobile device. We went hands and eyes on to check out this hot new accessory.

The FLIR One looks a lot like a battery case, adding a sizeable hump to the back of the iPhone 5 or 5s. It plugs directly into the Lightning port and feeds real-time thermal images into its free iOS app. This isn't just some gimmick or movie magic; the FLIR One uses long-wave infrared to detect anything hotter than absolute zero.

You've probably never heard of FLIR, but you might have seen some of its tech in work. The company's thermal imaging tech was used to capture the second Boston marathon bomber. Remember the thermal image of a body hiding in a boat? That was FLIR.

As cool as it was to play with, reps say the FLIR One has real commercial applications. For instance, technicians can use the pocketable device to locate overloaded circuits. Reps also talked about using the accurate thermal imaging to gauge real-time emotions based on how hot someone's face appears.

The FLIR One is up for pre-orders now. The company expects shipments to go out later this year.