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Virgin Media unleashes new 152Mbps fibre broadband package

Virgin Media has launched its fastest fibre broadband package yet, offering a speedy 152Mbps – coincidentally (ahem) double that of BT’s FTTC maximum of 76Mpbs – and Virgin has notched its other packages up accordingly.

The new service is priced at £28 per month, the Telegraph reports (although line rental is on top of that, of course). It will be available to those 12.5 million folks who are in the areas where Virgin’s fibre network has been deployed.

Customers who are on the 120Mbps (the old fastest service) will be boosted to 152Mbps, and boosts will be delivered further down the fibre food chain. The entry-level 30Mbps package will be upped to 50Mbps, and 60Mbps to 100Mbps (all of these are “up to” speeds, of course, meaning they are the theoretical maximum you will never actually see – but with fibre, you’ll get pretty close, or you should do).

Tom Mockridge, Virgin Media’s CEO boasted: “We’re supercharging our incredible network to ensure that Virgin Media customers can make the most of the online world.”

Virgin is targeting families not just with all that bandwidth to ensure everyone in the house can be surfing and streaming simultaneously (in theory), but the company has also implemented a new parental control system. Web Safe will allow for barriers to be placed on age-appropriate content across all devices in the home.